Car Paint Degreaser Safety: Is It Truly Worth the Investment?

By Michael Anderson 9 Min Read

Is degreaser prophylactic on car paint? The reply is both yes and no. ‘Yes,’ because the degreaser doesn’t directly destroy the machine paint, especially when a mild solution is applied moderately and the solution isn’t left for longer.

And ‘no,’ because the degreaser will remove the wax in addition to harming the outer layer. As a result, the pigment (clear coat) of the machine is exposed to harsh weather elements, which could cause it to fade or be destroyed in the fourth dimension. Leaving the degreaser solution on the motorcar surface for longer could worsen the damage. It may also contain stain residues that could peel off the pigment or cause marks.

Is there a safer version of a degreaser for car paint? Or, is there any agency in that location that wouldn’t harm the automobile pigment? We’ll discover the answers in this article.

Why Use a Degreaser on a Car?

A degreaser is just a cleaning agent designed to remove oil, grease, grime, corrosive elements, or anything that’s H2O-insoluble. However, removing crude as well as grease is its primary business when it comes to machine cleaning.

But the most important inquiry is: which office of the car can you use the degreaser on? Because using it on the incorrect surface can create a mess. We’ll learn almost which surfaces nosotros consider wrong surfaces. But permit’s an offset run into which motorcar surfaces or components y’all can make clean alongside a degreaser.

✅Primary Use

Generally, purpose-made degreasers for cars are primarily made to clean the engines. The engine degreaser is sprayed thoroughly while cleaning the engine or engine bay. It breaks down the rock oil, grease, or other corrosive elements inside the engine, as well as those that are wiped off afterward.

✅Other Uses

A degreaser is a popular cleaning agent used to clean muddy car hubcaps or rims. It’s also used to remove oils and grease from the door jams. Generally, it’s mixed with baking soda and dish detergent for these purposes.

What Are Some Wrong Car Surfaces to Use a Degreaser On?

You’ve seen where a degreaser is used in an auto. The surfaces that it’s used on aren’t fragile. But at that place are some fragile surfaces inside your auto where you shouldn’t be tempted to exercise the degreaser fifty-fifty if it catches whatever grime or grease. Some of these surfaces include your auto pigment in addition to the upholstery.

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Using a cleaning degreaser can remove stubborn marks from these surfaces. So y’all’ll live requiring another cleaning job to clean up the mess created by another cleaning agent! That’s not a fourth dimension or coin saver, and you wouldn’t, dearest, do something similar!

How is the degreaser going to hurt the pigment on your machine? Let’s observe out more than nigh that inwards the adjacent section.

How Can Degreaser Damage Your Car Paint?

How Can Degreaser Damage Your Car Paint

You’ve seen that the degreaser isn’t designed to clean the exterior of your car. It’s because typical degreasers are an aggressive cleaning option. But by and large, the car pigment is covered by a protective layer of wax.

It makes your machine’s paint hydrophobic (water-resistant) in addition to protecting the clear coat (the finishing) from harsh weather conditions such as snow, UV rays, airplane droppings, etc. All in all, the wax ensures that your auto paint remains protected and looks shinier for longer.

Using a degreaser on the auto-paint tin, remove the wax from the clear coat. As a result, your pigment will come into inward contact with harsh conditions and elements, reducing its lifespan.

If you want to set a novel layer of wax together with strip the surface entirely, you can use a degreaser to take away petroleum, stains, or grease on its surface. However, y’all should also know that degreaser doesn’t directly spoil the auto paint or peel it off. It entirely removes the protective layer and lets some other factors destroy the automobile pigment.

Can y’all dilute the degreaser to go far milder, or is there any milder version available? Let’s find out.

Is Diluted or Milder Degreaser Safe on Car Paint?

There are milder degreaser solutions available along with heavy-duty ones. You can even dilute a degreaser solution by mixing in some water. It’ll trim down the dominance of the degreaser, yet it’ll stay effective enough to clean typical grease residues.

You can also use a diluted solution on car pigment to clean the exterior, but it should be sprayed moderately and wiped off forthwith.

Is It Worth Using the Degreaser on Car Paint?

No, it’s not. The main argument is that there are safer alternatives available to get grease or oily residues off automobile paint. So in that location, there’s no indication of taking the adventure of damaging the wax layer, thus the motorcar pigment.

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You can use regular dish soap or dishwashing liquid as well as a microfiber towel to gently rub the grease stain. After a few scrubs, you’ll see it coming off. You can also purchase a professional automobile cleaning agent, pour it into a sprayer (employment professional spray bottles for auto detailing), and do the cleaning task the agency says should be done. The bottom line here is to stick to the basics; every bit is worth it.


If you’re still left with some queries, discover some of the common FAQs answered here.

Will a microfiber towel scratch car paint?

No, a fresh microfiber textile that’s dedicated to cleaning the automobile exterior entirely won’t scratch the car paint. Make sure to remove its label or sticker before you exercise it on the auto.

What if I accidentally lay the engine degrease on the automobile pigment?

In such an example, wash the degreaser off instantly using water. The H2O will dilute the concentration of the degreaser and forestall any harm to the automobile pigment.

Do I have to paint my car once again if the degreaser strips off the wax?

If y’all realize applying the degreaser has stripped off the outside layer of the car wax, apply the wax dorsum as thoroughly as possible. Reapplication of the wax and polishing should encompass the imperfections as well as restore the original finish. Besides, you should more often than not wax your vehicle every 3 months to make the paint last a long time.

Final Words

A degreaser is a heavy-duty solution designed to dissolve grease or grime. Although it doesn’t directly harm or fade the car’s paint, it’s nevertheless potentially harmful. It can strip off the protective layer of the wax and expose the clear coat to harsh weather elements.

As a final result, the finish of your automobile’s pigment will fade and acquire a spoiled appearance over time. So one way or another, a degreaser is unsafe on automobile paint. Besides, it’s something not even made for such applications.

If you run into whatever stain of grease, crude oil, or grime, utilize a practiced dishwashing liquid or a professional cleaning agent to clean it since they’re perfectly prophylactic on both the wax and the auto paint.

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