Grease Removal from Car Paint: 5 Effective Methods to Try

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Grease is a lubricant used in dissimilar automobile parts. It protects the moving parts in addition to preventing wear and tear. But it’s a pain when it gets on your car’s paint. Due to its sticky nature, grease tin can discolor your machine’s exterior.

So, how do you remove grease from car pigment? First, moisture the surface with H2O. Put a small amount of liquid dish soap on a soft cloth, then rub the textile on the surface of the paint. Lastly, rinse the surface area with clean water.

However, lather is not the only mode. There are many techniques to remove grease from paint. Read on to find out.

Tools And Materials Required To Remove Grease From Car Paint

Different methods necessitate different tools. When cleaning grease from car paint, you must use the right tools. The next are some of the mutual tools and materials:

Mandatory particulars:

  • Liquid dish lather
  • Soft material or sponge
  • Clean H2O
  • Baking soda
  • Degreaser

Optional item:

  • Hand gloves
  • Damp textile
  • Bucket
  • Paper textile

There are several different methods for wiping off grease from auto paint. These range from dish soap to degreaser fluids, and they differ in effectiveness and cost. Here are a few methods you can attempt:

✅ Method 1: Dish Soap And Water

The combination of lather and water is an excellent method for removing grease. Dish soaps take away grease without damaging paint. To perform this method, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, moisten the expanse that is covered with grease.

Step 2: Add some dish lather to the cloth.

Step 3: Rub the fabric across the grease stain.

Step 4: Rinse the soap.

This method is effective because the dish soap breaks the grease, and the action of rubbing keeps it from drying on pigment.

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✅ Method 2: WD40 Spray

WD40 is a skilled option for dish soap. It can easily wipe the greasy fingerprints away. Spray the WD40 onto a microfiber towel and rub it. in. inse with H2O when you’re done.

✅ Method 3: Use a degreaser.

Degreaser fluids are products that work inward, much like dish lather does. The principal deviation is that degreasers usually incorporate chemicals that dissolve grease.

Step 1: First, remove excess oil or grease with a damp cloth.

Step 2: Mix the degreaser solution with warm water.

Step 3: Now, rub the affected area.

Step 4: Rinse with clean water.

Step five: Clean the expanse with a dry-out textile.

✅ Method 4: Using Baking Soda

You can use baking soda to make clean grease from machine pigment. Mix 1 spoon of baking soda and 18 cup of table salt together with 38 cup of water and pour it around the grease stain. Leave it for a couple of minutes, then rinse the expanse with H2O.

✅ Method 5: Clay bar

Clay is a fantastic grease remover made from car pigment. You must follow the steps below to clean your automobile among the clay:

Step 1: Clean the car with water, then dry it out.

Step 2: Put some clay bar on a microfiber towel and create a circular m motion inward toward the affected surface area.

Step 3: Wash your vehicle with H2O in addition to soap.

What Degreaser Can You Use On Car Paint?

There are many dissimilar brands of degreaser for motorcar paint on the market, but their machinery is similar. They ordinarily contain a surfactant, some solvent, or fossil oil in addition to dissolving grease by emulsifying it. The surfactant helps to pull the grease into the solution until it’s rinsed off.

Degreasers are available as liquids or powders. Both types can be used equally as grease removers. The powder grade is a more concentrated solution; hence, dilute it earlier when using it. Otherwise, the solvent might damage the pigment.

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Here is some degreaser for motorcar pigment:

  • Chemical Guys CWS Degreasers
  • 3D Orange Degreaser
  • POR-15 Degreaser
  • Goo Gone Automotive Cleaner
  • Autobrite Bug Detector Degreaser

However, is degreaser prophylactic on car paint? Degreasers are rubbery for a purpose. They do not contain harmful chemicals that can cause permanent damage to your automobile’s paint. However, degreasers can interrupt downwardly protective coatings in your machine’s second paint if the cleaner is left on the paint for too long.

This led to permanent discoloration of the motorcar’s pigment. To get around this problem, you should always wash your machine later on using a degreaser.

Will rubbing alcohol damage car paint?

Rubbing alcohol is not harmful to autopigment. However, the high concentration of isopropyl alcohol might take away the protective coating that keeps your paint shiny and new.

So, use a ratio of 80 to 85% of H2O as well as 10 to 20% of alcohol for cleaning auto pigment.

Is Vinegar Safe For Car Paint?

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant. However, it is widely used as an automobile parts disinfectant but is not prophylactic to use on paint. It has a pH of iii.0, which can cause harm to automobile paint.

To use this cleaner, dilute it in H2O in addition to using a soft material to wipe the stain off your automobile’s second paint.


Grease will ruin machine paint if left on the surface for a long time. So it is wiser to remove grease from motorcar pigment earlier, but it’s also too late. You can use typical household or industrial products to clean up the greasy mess.

However, you must be careful when deciding which one is convenient for you. If you all use the wrong product, it will make the state of affairs worse.

Dish soap is an almost inexpensive way to remove grease from machine paint. It’s also the easiest clean-up method. You can also use WD40 and degreaser solutions. Just spray the solution on a soft towel in addition to wiping off the grease.

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