Mastering the Art of Car Washing: Hand Wash After Foam Cannon for the Perfect Shine

By Michael Anderson 8 Min Read

Hand Washing After Foam – If you are a smart automobile owner, you have in all probability already opted to wash your motorcar with foam cannons. But, despite being fast and efficient, foam cannons can’t take all the road grime off your car’s surface.

So, the inquiry arises: do you practice hand laundering after foam cannon while washing your car? Well, inwards brusque, Yes, y’all should hand-wash your motorcar with microfiber mitts after cleaning it alongside a foam cannon. It’s because the foam cannon or pressure washer cannot take 100% of the dust and dirt off your car’s exterior.

However, this is not entirely the reason why I always recommend hand washing your machine after foam cannon washing. There are other benefits to this, too.

So, to know more virtually about this, dive downwards below and correct straight off!

Automotive experts propose that you should mitt wash your car after foam cannoning on it. Although people usually entirely use the foam cannoning technique to clean their cars, it is not a fully effective way to clean the car’s second surface.

It’s second because foam cannoning cannot furnish plenty of displacement to take away the contaminants from your car.

To fully remove the dirt, dust, petroleum, and other contaminants from your machine’s surface, you will need to manually clean it. So, you have to paw launder your auto from fourth dimension to time regardless of whether you’re a foam cannon or not.

Why Do You Hand Wash After Washing Your Car With A Foam Cannon?

There are multiple reasons why it’s important to mitt-launder your machine after washing it with a foam cannon. For your convenience, I have listed the major ones below. Here we go:

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✅Petroleum surface is not cleaned

As a machine owner, you must understand that dust and dirt are not the only enemies against your machine’s second cleanliness. Rather, the chief enemy is oil, together with grease.

As you ride your automobile for multiple days, it accumulates oil from the atmosphere on its surface. And the rock oil accumulates more dust as well as dirt later on.

Now, fifty-fifty If you all clean the dust and dirt from the upper layer of your car’s surface with a foam cannon, your automobile will not be properly cleaned because the layer of fossil oil will still live there. Hence, to remove the stubborn layer of fossil oil, you must paw wash your machine after doing a foam cannon launder.

✅Speed does not always mean efficiency

We tend to use a foam cannon inwardly to finish the cleaning procedure faster. However, we must sympathize here that a “speedy” cleanup is not an efficient cleanup.

That means that if you all use a foam cannon to wash your car, the washing procedure will not be 100% efficient and effective. Rather, you must manually wash your car alongside microfiber mitts to ensure that it’s thoroughly cleaned.

✅Foam cannon does not reach narrow edges or carvings

While rinsing your car alongside the soap solution, a foam cannon alone is planted upside down. This means that when you apply the soap solution to your car surface alongside a foam cannon, the cleaning liquid only travels downward.

That’s why the soap cannot attain all of the pocket-size pockets too easily on your automobile’s second surface. On the other hand, paw-washing your auto means that you can apply the lather solution to all the areas of your auto’s surface.

So, when using a foam cannon to wash your auto, y’all’ll discover that dust and dirt are accumulating in these narrow edges and carvings over time.

Therefore, to remove these residue contaminants from your auto’s second surface, you have got to hand wash your machine after doing a foam cannon launder.

Hand Wash vs Foam Cannon: What’s The Best Way To Wash Your Car?

The best way to wash your automobile is to mix the two methods of cleaning: manus washing and foam cannon washing. Yes, I recommend utilizing both methods to get the best result when washing your car.

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To exercise that, you can follow the simple steps below:

  • First off, you’ve got to apply the cleaning solution over your machine’s surface with a foam cannon.
  • Then, y’all’ll hold to allow the soap solution to rest on the automobile’s surface for one-half an hour. Now, the inquiry comes: can you guys use any lather in a foam cannon? No, you can only use designated motorcar soaps in a foam cannon.
  • After the above-mentioned pace, you should use microfiber mitts to scrub off your motorcar’s surface. This procedure will remove stubborn contaminants from your machine’s pigment.
  • Next, y’all can use a foam cannon to apply clean H2O to your automobile, and then the cleaning solution or soap water can get washed away.

How Often Do You Have To Hand-Launder After Foam Cannon Washing?

I wholeheartedly recommend that you wash your machine after using the foam cannon every time. This will make certain that your automobile’s second surface paint is super shiny in addition to crispy and clean all the time.

However, if y’all don’t have enough time to manually scrub your car, you can hand-launder your machine after every couple of times doing foam cannon launder.

Remember, a foam cannon launder gives you a speedy cleanup, but the lineament of a manus launder is e’er better than a cannon-assisted 1.

Final Verdict

Well, that was my answer to this query: practice mitt laundering after foam cannon? As y’all can run into, it’s not always a good idea to hand-launder after doing a foam cannon wash.

However, if y’all are unable to exercise manual manus-launder for the time being, it’s ongoing to be a big deal. But if y’all want a thorough cleanup on your auto, y’all must maneuver wash your machine after foam cannoning.

Thank you so much, and hold a squeamish twenty-four-hour period ahead!

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